Control System

A control system is the combination of components and software involved in collecting and transmitting inputs from the remote operator to the robot and turning the inputs into commands for the robot's actuators, lights, and other desired outputs. Some control systems also send information about the robot back to the remote and display it for the operator.

There are several options for controlling your robot. The big division of remote control is between Analog versus Digital Control.


Analog Control provides the simplest link between the operator and the robot possible, it is, however, one way. Video is typically transmitted back over an open analog channel. Analog video transmissions can be viewed on any receiver, both yours or anyone else. Analog Remotes similar to R/C Aircraft can be used to control the robot, or a custom controller can be made to control and display the video in a case. We offer several types of analog controllers.

RC Control: (Handheld wireless control devices)

For more help with Remote Control (RC), please visit our  Remote Control Support Page.

Digital Control

Digital Control of a robot uses Ethernet over a wireless link to control the robot. The wireless link will be over standard WiFi, CoFDM, or a Dual Band Wireless Link similar to WiFi. Our Digital Remotes are enclosed in a Pelican (or Pelican-like) case that houses the radio, control joysticks and switches, and the video monitor.

Digital Wireless Control Systems

  • Routers and Bridges: Routers and Bridges to provide Wireless capabilities to your robot!
  • Wi-Fi Control Packages: Pre-configured WiFi control systems to get your robot up and running! These control systems come assembled and tested by our staff to ensure out-of-the-box functionality.
  • XBee, Zigbee, and RF Wireless Communication: These modules allow a very reliable and simple communication between anything with a serial port! Point to point and multi-point networks are supported.
  • Tactical Robot Controllers: There are many ways to control a robot. We offer a wide range of military grade tactical controllers. Find the controller that works best for you.
  • Antennas and Pigtails: 2.4 Ghz antennas and pigtails for wireless routers and radios
For more help with Remote Control (RC), please visit the following support pages:
Remote Control Support Page
Network and WiFi Support Page
Wireless Serial Support Page
Tactical Robot Support Page


Complete Control Packages

We offer Complete Control Packages to control the robots. These are complete systems that are custom configured to your needs that will connect your robot.

  • Programmable RC Control Interface Package: This package offers the simplicity of manual RC control while having access to the diversity of Arduino I/O.
  • Programmable GPS Navigation Package: This package includes all the items you would need to make a robot drive to GPS waypoints autonomously.
  • WiFi Remote System with Tablet OCU: This package is for controlling SuperDroid Robots. It contains a WiFi Router, Serial Bridge, Power Supplies, Custom Controller Board, Video Server, Tablet with custom robot control and interface with video monitoring.
  • Programmable xBee Control Interface Package: This package allows you to control a robot, out of the box, using the power of Arduino and xBee. The remote comes standard with an ABS enclosure and your option of 2, 3, or 4-axis joystick.Full source code is provided!
  • Programmable WiFi Custom Control Interface Package: Fully configured, tested, and supported. This package comes with a network device, Arduino Mega control board, Arduino Ethernet Shield V2, SDR Arduino Mega Sensor Shield, and a 4x TTL relay board. It will fit on top of any of our chassis options.
  • ROS Autonomous Control Package: This package provides a completely assembled and configured Robot Operating System (ROS). ROS is a Linux based meta operating system for your robot with a massive open source community.

Autonomous Control

This is a huge topic due to all of the self-driving cars, etc. This, however, is not a simple or trivial task. Google has spent billions of dollars in development.

If you are interested in building an autonomous robot, then please follow these links to help get you started.

  • Autonomous Robots Hub: Collection of support pages about Autonomous Robots and related topics.
  • Sensors Hub: Collection of support pages about Sensors and related topics.
  • Programmable Robots: Programable Robots. Autonomous Robots. Robots that think on their own and do set tasks. They range from customized Arduino WiFi robots to programmable tactical robots.
  • Control Systems: These custom control systems will allow you to control your robot wirelessly, autonomously, or both. Autonomous GPS navigation. Control and monitoring your robot wirelessly over WiFi. If you need something custom, contact us.
  • Programmable SDR Robots: These programmable robots are designed by SuperDroid Robots. They range from customized Arduino WiFi robots to programmable tactical robots.
  • Sensors: We have sensors to help you detect gasses, conduct surveillance, and measure performance. These sensors can help toward building an autonomous robot.
  • Autonomous Robot Services: Autonomous robots are a challenge as they require a precise blend of mechanical, electrical, and software engineering. We have the capabilities to design and develop the autonomous solutions you require.
  • Autonomous WiFi Robot Arduino Robot Programming: The page describes the method and gives examples of how we programmed the Free Autonomous WiFi Robot Arduino Robot in our give away.
  • Sensor Support: We carry a large array of sensors to enable you to develop a smart and autonomous robotic solution.