MLT-JR Support


The MLT-JR is a small tracked robot with high maneuverability for payloads up to 15lbs. It is a highly versatile platform that can be used on a wide variety of environments both indoors and outdoors. It is designed with simplicity in mind but still uses high quality components and materials. We offer two versions: an RC version and a programmable version. The RC version robot includes an RC transmitter for wireless control of the robot. The programmable version includes an Arduino Uno Programable Controller. Sensors and cameras can be added to make an autonomous robot.

The robot's main components include a rugged aluminum chassis and UHMW wheels couple to the reinforced rubber tracks. The robot is driven by two of our IG32 motors, one for each track. The wheels are mounted directly to the motor output shaft and an idler wheel is mounted to a slot in the chassis allowing track tension adjustment. The motor and track combination allow this robot to navigate in rough terrain yet its size and tank steering make it very maneuverable in tight spaces.

The speed and payload of the robot will vary with the motors selected. The default configuration includes 190 RPM IG32P motors which will give the robot a maximum speed of about 179 feet per minute (2 mph) and a recommended payload between 6-10 pounds. For other motor selections refer to the speed payload chart for tracked robots.

See PDF drawings of the each robots below: