Wire Crimping Support


Many of the sensors, microcontrolers, require a connector and in order to make the connector you need to crimp a wire.

If you wish, you can select the addition(s) to have SuperDroid Robots crimp, solder or both for you. If crimping is selected as an addition, you will not need to do any crimping. If soldering is selected, you will not need to do any soldering.

How to crimp wires:

Crimping connectors onto wires requires the right tool, and the most important for this task is a pair of crimping pliers. These types of pliers press the crimping wings of the connector into each other.

The standard process for crimping all types of connectors is to strip a small bit of insulation off the wire. Then, put the connector into a suitably sized space in the jaws, insert the wire, and crimp it down. For non-ratcheting pliers, it’s suggested the connector be re-crimped with the next smallest hole in the jaws.

The crimping is done using a crimping tool, or can be done using a pair of needle nosed pliers as per the pictures below.



This information was brief and to the point, but hopefully it shed some light on some basic crimping techniques.

If you have any questions about wire crimping, soldering, or any other part of the robot-building process, feel free to contact us with any questions.