Robot Tracks

Everyone thinks tracks are cool. They are but they also come with complication and price.

Tracks add many advantages:

  • Spread your load out for a low PSI rating.
  • Make climbing and bridging gaps, such as stairs, much easier.
  • Handle more aggressive terrain and loose terrain.

They also offer a lot of challenges:

  • Less efficient (track tension adds extra strain to the motors).
  • Components are more expensive.
  • More complicated design (timing, derailment, and tensioning all must be considered)

Below are the tracks that we sell. Note that the DIY tracks need to be spliced. We also do not offer a solution for wheels for any of them. You will be on your own designing a wheel and tracking system for all of these tracks. Our SDR manufactured sets are what we use in our tracked robot kits. We have designed the tracks and the wheels to work together and the tracks do not have a splice.

SDR Manufactured Tracks and Wheels

DIY Tracks

Our tracked robot kits

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